The most anticipated mother’s day party, SMOOV moms’ day out, took place at the prestigious Radisson Blu Hotel on Sunday, the 12th of May 2019 with over 180 Chapmoms in attendance. Guests were treated to an exciting time from the entrance into the hall with red carpet sessions and a 360 phototainment booth with different costumes.

The MD of The LA CASERA Company, Mr. Chinedum Okereke, formally opened the event with a welcome address, stating the importance of mothers in our lives and the overall essence of the SMOOV moms’ day out. The event was a platform for mothers to express their talents, which may have been suppressed over time due to the responsibilities of motherhood, while having unfiltered fun and relaxation with SMOOV chapman.

There were various activities that preceded the event; in store activations, digital and radio engagements in which mothers were selected and invited for the event.

The event was nothing short of fun and excitement as the moms in attendance relaxed with chilled bottles of SMOOV. The MC, Lepacious Bose, and comedienne Helen Paul thrilled the moms with rib cracking jokes while Shuga Band spiced the event with scintillating rendition of trendy and familiar songs.

We also enjoyed performances from our Chapmoms who participated in the dancing, singing and acting competitions, after which we were treated to a three course buffet.

Our celebrity Mom, Dr. Helen Paul had an interactive session with the moms and shared her story. The fathers in attendance were not left out of the fun as she engaged them in a fun role play activity.

Highlight of the event was the 100 packs of SMOOV awarded to the overall winner of the live talent competitions, Ivie Efoma. When interviewed, she shared her excitement and appreciation to the management of SMOOV and the entire LACASERA Company.