Nirvana Cream Soda

Nirvana Cream Soda is a sugar-free drink with a creamy taste that refreshes you as well as keeps you feeling healthy because of its sugar free offerings.



Nirvana Cream Soda is a sweet Sugar-Free carbonated soft drink flavoured with vanilla.

This naturally sweetened soda has a delicious deep aroma and luscious taste. With hints of vanilla and butter, the flavour in Nirvana Cream Soda can satisfy even the greatest sweet tooth.

And since it’s zero calories and Sugar free, it’s a great alternative to regular carbonated soft drinks, meaning your taste buds can be as happy as your waist line.

The Nirvana Cream Soda is a brand for health conscious people, who want to get refreshed as well as stay healthy.

A Premium Quality Product from The la casera logo Company PLC.

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Carbonated Water, Cream Soda Flavour, Aspartame & Acesulfame K

Warning: Contains Aspartame, a source of Phenylalanine


Sodium Benzoate


Citric Acid


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