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La Casera Apple

la casera logo is the Original Apple Drink with a unique, fresh apple bite.



La Casera Apple is the Flagship Brand from The la casera logo Company PLC. La Casera is the Original and Best Apple Drink with a unique fresh apple bite that contains 25% more Real Fruit Juice content which makes it Nigeria`s preferred Apple Drink.

The La Casera Apple Drink was launched in November, 2001 and has been the trusted as market leader for 15 years. La Casera Apple Drink was the first CSD in PET and has ever since been the leading Apple Drink in the CSD category.

With 25% more real apple juice, La Casera Apple is not only the smarter choice but also a burst of pure joy of Apple Fizz that’s always there to quench your thirst and reactivate a can do attitude.

Bursting with the flavour of amazing apple, La Casera Apple is a carbonated apple beverage that, once you’ve tried it, you’ll want it more and more!

A quality and Proudly Nigerian product from The la casera logo Company PLC

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Carbonated Water, Apple Juice (25% more), Sugar & Apple Flavour


Sodium Benzoate


Malic Acid & Citric Acid




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